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Sensations, Not Sensationalistic: Gerhard Richter and 9/11

Gerhard Richter, September, oil on canvas2005

"The image is at the very edge of being recognizable, at that liminal point where the information it contains could be read any number of ways and the mind must struggle to create a whole, or pictorial Gestalt, out of the diffuse, ill-defined contours of the forms and the apparent coding of the color. In sum, viewers must mentally reconstitute a likeness that is in effect disintegrating before their eyes…. Compared with what eyewitnesses can recall even with the passage of time and what video and photography have captured and preserved, Richter’s version—or, better said, vision—of 9/11/01 is an eroded representation of a monument blown to smithereens, the ghost of a ghost."

Robert Storr, from September: A History Painting By Gerhard Richter, Tate Publishing, 2011



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