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by Jason Gubbels

Wire, Change Becomes Us


"Like nearly everything about this long-running musical project (one hesitates to call it a band), the title of Wire’s new album is simultaneously cheeky and flatly informative. Thirty-plus years into an assault on pop conventions, amid multiple sabbaticals and lineup fluctuations, these Class of ‘77 standouts have perfected a peculiar logic that alternately captivates and infuriates followers, to the point where it’s anybody’s guess whether the current incarnation featuring touring guitarist Matt Simms is Wire Mark III or IV (or V). And if original guitarist Bruce Gilbert’s 2008 "withdrawal" (to use the outfit’s unique terminology) had seemed an irreparable disruption, such was the nature of things: Drummer Robert Grey had similarly removed himself at the peak of Wire’s electronica flirtation, only to return after his compatriots switched off the drum machines…."

From my review of Wire’s new album Change Becomes Us, featured this week in SPIN. You can check out the article here —


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